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Carlos Erickson da Silva

Business Management

Carlos is a Business Management specialist with more than 11 years of experience acquired in the management of several multinational companies in the Finance, Technologies, and Extraction Industry coupled with a small experience in Banking and Insurance.

With a great ability to adapt to different multicultural environments, he is used to working in different international markets, more specifically Dubai, Portugal, Angola, Cape Verde, Oman and the Cayman Islands.

Pedro Silva Pereira

Financial Markets

Pedro has developed a strong background in financial markets and wealth management through 10 years working in a Macro Hedge Fund and a Quantic Hedge Fund.

Multi-asset investment approach, traded several financial instruments while responsible for creating portfolios/models and respective risk management/ monitoring. Previously, he has worked with Credit Research, product development in a technology company and holds experience in Banking.

Manuel G Samuel

Board Advisor

Manuel has over 25 years of global expertise across 13 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

He has carved a niche in business/market intelligence, international trade and investments, geopolitics, and technological innovation. He is a business facilitator and a match-maker, merging the realms of private enterprise and public sectors.

As an experienced negotiator, Manuel is underscored by his ability to navigate complex scenarios and varied cultural landscapes, fostering collaborative bridges.

Inês Pires

Board Advisor

Ines Pires is an international affairs economist and strategist skilled in commercial diplomacy and entrepreneurship. She currently holds an active as Executive Board Member STERGY and President of the ISPD Group.

She is a Former Expert Economist for the Sultanate of Oman Government and the Former Head of Cabinet of the European Parliament Vice President. She is co-author of the specialisation book of Soft Diplomacy Modelling Global Interactions.

She was awarded a Distinction by the President of Portugal and The Sultanate of Oman Shura Council Medal.