Investment fund based in the Cayman Islands and regulated by CIMA ( With the aim of delivering Investors a positive return in all market conditions.The strategy involves obtaining a guaranteed return through a combination of a selection of bonds with a minimum A- rating and a proprietary FX trading model.

Trading in Forex will be in fiat currency, in the most liquid crosses. The currencies traded are the British pound, Canadian dollar, euro, Swiss franc, US dollar and more.

The trading model is a backtested system that bases its fundamentals on long-term trends and intraday signals. Analyze the behavior of the currency’s price during the day and then choose the best entry and exit points. After this first indication, depending on the currency price trend and the macro-economic fundamentals of the two countries, the position is created. There is strict risk management and control to meet return/risk objectives.

The Best Solutions

Financial Resources

It is crucial to carefully evaluate these risks before taking
investment decisions to protect your financial resources.

  • The risk indicator assumes that the product is held for 1 year, the actual risk
    may vary significantly in the event of early redemption, and a lower value
    than projected may be received.
  • We assign this product a rating of 1 out of 7, which is the lowest risk category,
    thus showing a very unlikely scenario of unfavorable market conditions
    affecting our ability to pay.